“Every part of creation is indebted for its life to the other parts of creation that have died and decayed so that it might live.” ~ Jessica Prentice, “Full Moon Feast”

I began exploring yoga and meditation to harmonize my inner being after experiencing a debilitating health crisis in 2001.  The imbalances revealed to me during my health crisis provided me with the fuel to embark on a journey to find home in my own skin.  Yoga and meditation have been very important tools in this regard.

Yoga means a lot of different things to people.  To me, it’s an invitation to be with myself, on the good days and on the bad days.  And, it’s also a very physical practice for me that encourages me to play and get out of my own way.  It can also be a confronting practice, showing me where I am stuck or revealing to me difficult emotions.  No matter what, it seems this practice always has something to teach me.

My regular yoga practice started in 2003 in San Francisco and I’ve been teaching since 2008.  My main yoga teacher has been Katchie Ananda with whom I regularly practiced and studied with for six years and apprenticed in 2008-09.  Katchie provided me with a grounded and no-nonsense approach to yoga.

Over the years, I have taught in the Bay Area (Anusara) yoga studio – Yoga Kula, in the back-country of Yosemite with Balanced Rock Foundation, in low-income and/or at-risk communities, and for private groups.  I am also a Community Herbalist and Wellness Guide.

Currently, you can find me in my old stomping grounds, Starkville, Mississippi.  Please contact me at ~ maypop (at) riseup (dot) com ~ if you would like to connect.

Short yoga videos
(made by Abby for her Trainer in Your Back Pocket Program)

Yoga Sun Salutation/Warmup
Yoga Twist Poses
Yoga Balance Poses
Yoga for Runners



* February to August — Permaculture Design Certification with Guillermo Vasquez (SF, CA) through Group Maya


* June (5-day retreat) — Council Process with Jeanette Armstrong (Okanagan elder) at the Center for Ecoliteracy

* September to December — Anusara Yoga Immersion with Katchie Ananda at Yoga Kula SF


* February to June — Medicinal Plant Course at Pacific School of Herbal Medicine in Oakland, CA

* December to January (08) — Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (200 hr) in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Jonas Westring (Anusara, Biomechanics) and Sara Avant Stover (Yin Yoga, Women’s Health, Ayurveda)


* September to February — Anusara Yoga Immersion with Katchie Ananda and Madhuri Martin at Yoga Kula SF

* September to September (09) — Apprenticeship with Kathie Ananda in SF

October — Group Facilitation Skills training with Community At Work


* September — month-long work-study at Tassajara Zen Center

* October — Reiki I and Basic Shiatsu training at Esalen with Jim Gallas

* December — Anusara Immeresion III with Sianna Sherman at Yoga Kula SF


* February to January (2011) — lived/worked at the contemplative/Buddhist retreat center — Southern Dharma Retreat Center in Spring Creek, NC (worked as the Retreat Manager)


* September to June (2012)  — 1-year correspondence course with Dharmagiri (Thanisarra and Kitisaro) — Deepening meditation and contemplation practice


March (2012) to 2014 — 2-year correspondence course on Celtic Spirituality with Sharynne MacLeod — Dun na Sidhe


* One-year Community Herbalist program with Phyllis D. Light at the Appalachian Center for Natural Health

* My resume on LinkedIn can be found here.