As some of you may know, I ran a wild-harvested, hand-crafted herbal apothecary for almost five years in Mississippi from 2013-2017 called Sweet Gum Springs Apothecary.  I created and ran the apothecary with another herbalist for the first two years, Mandi Sanders, a wonderful herbalist.

At the apothecary, we crafted Mississippi’s (and one of the Deep South’s) first Herbal CSA Programs (Community Supported Apothecary).  This program provided participants with monthly, seasonal herbal preparations and a newsletter brimming with plant medicine and seasonal insights (see pics below).

We dispensed an abundance of local plant medicine at local farmer’s markets and regional conferences and festivals.  I also taught at major conferences such as Southeast Women’s Herb Conference and the Organic Grower’s School’s big festival (all in the Asheville, NC area).

In 2017 I decided to close the apothecary and shift my work to a much smaller scale (mostly teaching & writing…and eventually seeing clients again).  Due to the birth of my little one and our move to Chattanooga, TN (and then our move to Santa Barbara, CA — where I currently live)…I needed to take a break.

However, I still hand-craft plant medicine and have tinctures and salves available.  When I have something available, I will post it below.

Things are definitely at a much smaller scale these days AND I am in a new bioregion (coastal California)!  Actually, this is the coast I first started learning about herbal medicine, over a decade ago.

Full circle.

The current list, below, is of the formulas I used to carry.

The majority of the plant material I work with is wild-crafted from the field & forest.  Some herbs come from sustainable growers and are either organic or chemical-free. Great care is taken when wild-harvesting to ensure the sustainability of all plant and tree communities that offer their medicine.

“I’m very pleased with Lindsay’s professionalism, broad knowledge, and gentle manner. Her tinctures are the highest quality I’ve ever used, and I felt benefit from using them for some chronic issues within days. Lindsay is also a wonderful teacher; her enthusiasm for sharing her love and knowledge of herbs is inspiring!”
~ Susan, Alabama

plants FB cover

Left: Bear’s Foot, Top Right: Turkey Tail, Bottom Right: Smooth Sumac

Salves, balms, and oils ~

SOLD OUT – The Balm (First Aid Salve – 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz) – comfrey, yarrow, plantain, chickweed, wild geranium, lavender eo, EV organic olive oil, and local beeswax.

SOLD OUT – Anti-fungal Skin Salve (1 oz, 2 oz) – pau d’arco, black walnut, cloves, EV organic olive oil, and local beeswax.


For immune system support ~

SOLD OUT – Flu Fighter (1 oz, 2 oz) – st john’s wort, vervain, yarrow, and boneset.

SOLD OUT – ImmunoBooster Tincture (1 oz) – propolis, black walnut, prickly ash, echinacea, poke.

SOLD OUT – Elder-Sumac Immune Elixir (2 oz, 4 oz) – elder berries, sumac berries, glycerine, elder flowers.

SOLD OUT – Respiratory Relief Tincture (2 oz) – plantain, pleurisy root, reishi, pine resin, goldenrod, and lobelia.

SOLD OUT – Organ-system Overhaul Tincture (2 oz, 4 oz) – schisandra, ashwagandha, goji berry, and licorice.

SOLD OUT – Liver & Lymph Lovin’ Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz) – cleavers, dandelion roots and leaves, yellow dock, and burdock.


For women’s health ~

Happy Uterus Tincture (4 oz) – partridge berry, vervain, tulip poplar, agrimony, black cohosh, and yarrow. *NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY*

SOLD OUT – Menopause Tincture (1 oz) – nettles, red clover, black cohosh, motherwort, vervain, holy basil and gotu kola.

SOLD OUT – Women’s Restore (4 oz) – shatavari, milky oats, mimosa, and motherwort.

After-birth tincture (1 oz) –  black haw, partridge berry, yarrow, and motherwort.

Endocrine Tonic Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) – angelica, chaste tree, hawthorn, vervain, agrimony, licorice root, ashwagandha.

UTI Formula (1 oz) –  usnea, cleavers, goldenrod, cornsilk, echinacea, red cedar.


For men’s health ~

SOLD OUT – Pine Pollen Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) – pine pollen

SOLD OUT – Prostate Health Tincture (2 oz) – nettle root, cornsilk, pine pollen.


For digestive health ~

SOLD OUT – Belly Beast and Yeast Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz) – black walnut, monarda, yellow dock, propolis, and plantain.

SOLD OUT – Grapefruit Bitters (2 oz) – grapefruit peel, yellowroot, angelica, ginger.

SOLD OUT – Peppermint Spirits Plus (2 oz) – peppermint tincture, holy basil, lemon balm, peppermint, spearmint glcyerite.

SOLD OUT – Total Tummy Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) – peach leaves and twigs, hawthorn leaves, twigs, and berries, privet leaves and twigs, holy basil, and rose petals.


For sleep support, mood, and nervous system~

SOLD OUT – Nighty Night Tincture (1 oz) – hops, passionflower, nettles, lemon balm.

SOLD OUT Valerian Simple Tincture (1 oz)

SOLD OUT – Tension Release Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) – wild lettuce, skullcap, pedicularis, and black cohosh.

SOLD OUT – Shift & Uplift Tincture (2 oz) – st. john’s wort, mimosa, holy basil, reishi.

SOLD OUT – Brain Power Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) – eleuthero, gotu kola, gingko, and rosemary.


For heart health ~

Hyperthyroid Formula (1 oz) –  hawthorn berry and flower, black cohosh, skullcap, wood betony (stachys off), bugleweed, wild rose flower essence.

SOLD OUT – Heart’s Ease (1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz) – hawthorn, holy basil, black cohosh, tulip poplar.


For the little ones ~

Fussy Baby Colic Glycerine Tincture (1 oz, 2 oz) –  catnip, fennel, chamomile, and lemon balm.


For joint care ~

SOLD OUT Nourished Joints Tincture (2 oz, 4 oz) – turmeric, true solomon’s seal, ginger, teasel, bear’s foot.


full product line on stump

Apothecary goodness, photo credit Laura Daniels

“Lindsay is knowledgeable, grounded, wise – it was so much fun going on a plant walk with her, I learned so much!”
~ Jennifer, California

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