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Herbs for natural medicine

Herbs for natural medicine August 20, 2020

Natural medicines can range from toothache pastes and remedies to full body issues or more advanced medical problems. You may be looking for herbs that would work for a wide range of issues in an effort to replace chemical and over the counter medicines. If that is the case, there are a few that you should consider keeping in various forms in your natural medicine arsenal. Here are a few major ones to keep in mind and how to store them.

Ginger Root

Ginger root is a must have in any home. It has several uses, but the most common is for stomach upset, heartburn, or indigestion. The most common way to take this is in the form of a powder capsule or in a tea. If you are taking it in a tea form, you can use either fresh slices of peeled and cleaned ginger root along with lemon juice or you can choose to use ginger powder. If you use the ginger powder method, you will need to strain the powder to get any grains that did not dissolve out of the tea. Ginger root can also be taken for nausea during pregnancy or during the cold and flu season to help with minor stomach irritation or as an immune booster.

Clove Oil

One of the most common issues that families face as an emergency issue is the common toothache. The problem is, toothaches generally show up at the most horrible time when you can’t get into a dentist for a weekend or over a holiday. Clove oil can help greatly with this. Clove oil, or ground clove, can be placed directly on the area of the tooth pain. This will help reduce any inflammation and work as an antibacterial herb as well. If clove oil is not an option you want to use, you can choose to take a cotton swab soaked in a mixture of ground cloves and water. This will dilute the clove potency, but it will still offer a reduction in inflammation and numb the area to reduce pain.


Cinnamon is easy to find, easy to store, and can help with a multitude of issues. If you want one herb for natural medicine, this is the one to keep in the home in both powder form and in stick form. Sticks of cinnamon can be put in a bottle of water overnight. Drink the infused water the next day to help maintain your blood sugar levels and to increase your metabolism. If the cinnamon is to bitter, add apple slices. It the flavor is too bland, consider infusing the water for more than one night. Ground cinnamon can also be taken in capsule form or added to juices and smoothies to help with digestion and blood sugar.