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The City That Care Forgot

New Orleans, the Big Easy…also known as The City That Care Forgot…  I visited New Orleans once again this past weekend.  I was raised there for four years when I was in grade school and my father’s ancestry goes way back in New Orleans.  So, every time I visit, I unveil a new layer of … Continue reading

Running into the Gulf

I sat by a small man all the way to New Orleans from Meridian, MS. This small man, no taller than 3 feet proceeded to get drunk and call me sweet-pea and baby. Across the row from me was a young man of 24 riding down from Charlotte, NC to Picayune, LA to get his … Continue reading

Wabi Sabi South

The Romans and the Greeks loved the idea of beauty and perfection while Japan and parts of the East were more smitten with the concepts of impermanence, imperfection, and incompleteness. You’ve seen that perfect statue of David — he’s chiseled, naked, and just a perfect specimen of masculinity and a fixed embodiment of Western mythology. … Continue reading