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Actually, this fella is one of my favorite recent drawings — the camel.  I thought I was going to draw a bird of some kind, but the direction of the drawing kept on bringing me closer to a camel.  So, that’s what it became 😉 So…relating to the camel…the image posted below has been floating … Continue reading

Guineafowl Puffer Fish

When I first got into the water near a small island near Coibas (Panama), to go snorkeling, we encountered our first friend — a pale, gray…and quite dapper…Guineafowl Puffer Fish.  He was pretty much hanging out by himself in the shallow waters — not up to much.  And, as we got deeper into the reefs, … Continue reading

Deep Sea Fish

When I wrapped up this drawing…  I remembered a National Geographic show that I had watched many years ago about a strange-looking deep sea fish.  So, I guess this is my take on the Angler Fish (pretty intense creature):

Wheel of Life

2010, North Carolina — Ok, not the best image of my wheel of life (the center is a tree, by the way).  It was hard to hold the camera still! This labor of love is the medicine wheel I have come up for my back-pack/yoga trips that I have done a couple of in the … Continue reading


2010, North Carolina — As a child, the three and four toed sloths were some of my favorite creatures.  I think it was their faces that mystified me, as well as their infinitely slow movements.  Their faces seemed charmed with every moment of their inch-by-inch movements.  To me, they represent such satisfaction and savoring of … Continue reading


2010, North Carolina — While waiting for my laundry to finish in Hot Springs, this image came to me.  I actually put this together just days before a Tibetan llama visited Hot Springs, NC (as one of his students lived in that area).  In Tibet, Garuda is a mythological creature — a giant eagle of … Continue reading

The Landing

2007, San Francisco — As you’ll see in many of my art images on this blog, one of my favorite ways to create art is through these interrelating shapes or doodles.  This is something I put together while in SF — a peacock or bird of some kind landing.


2009, North Carolina — As you may or may not know, yoni is the word for vagina in Sanskrit.  To me, it has a better ring to it and more fitting then the scientifically dry word, va-gi-na.  I drew this image in hopes that it would make it into Susan Weed’s new book, “Down There” … Continue reading

Pastels and Ukraine

1999, Ukraine — I remember putting this pastel drawing together while staying with my host family in Cherkasy, Ukraine (during my Peace Corps service).  I turned to drawing more often than I had before because of the language barrier.  While I was learning Russian in Ukraine, the early stages were very hard for me — … Continue reading