This one came to me while in Panama, shortly after snorkeling around Coibas Island.  I did not see seahorses, however — I was definitely in an aquatic mood for awhile after this.  It was my second time snorkeling and I was greatly impacted by the beauty of the parrot fish, dolphins, sea turtle, puffer fish, and sharks.  As the temperatures continue to increase in the oceans, as illegal fishing methods such as net dragging, and as plastic islands begin to be found in areas of the ocean where currents convene…I think it is especially important to be mindful of our daily actions and consider how we each make an impact on the world.

I try to maintain a connection with ’cause and effect’ throughout each day.  Sometimes, I am right in the flow…sometimes I am far from reality…  However, for me, it is a practice and I feel it is an essential practice for adulthood.  I am still understanding interconnectedness and interdependence.  More than anything, I sense it is a feeling more than a logical understanding of nature of things.


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