13 Moons Seasonal Cycle

2009, North Carolina — I know — you can barely see this.  This is just to give you an idea of the inspiration that Jessica Prentice gave me with her book, “Full Moon Feast.”  The first time I read this book was in 2007, I think…  After attending some of the actual Full Moon Feasts in Berkeley, CA a few times, I was eager to read the book.  I loved what Jessica was doing for people’s health, the environment and farmers.

When I moved to NC in 2009, I lived in the mountains and was in the thick of Winter.  I pulled out this book to read it again and started drafting the 13 moon cycle in my area (with some tips from Jessica’s book).  The 13 moon cycle has become an exploration for me.  I call it ‘seasonal intelligence.’  The brilliance behind the intelligence of the seasons is that, similar to nature, each season brings us what our bodies need.  And, each season has its own intelligence of helping us live our lives better if we pay attention to what part of the cycle of life we are in.

For example, the liver gets bogged down in the temperate part of the world because of the traditional reliance on rendered animal fat (lard) and such during the Winter.  Typically, Winter foods are heavier and allow us to last through a time of ‘less’ from our forest/garden/agriculture food-base.  When Spring rolls around, its time to cleanse the liver (Spring is liver season in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for example).  So, sassafras root tea was used in Appalachia to cleanse the liver…loads of fresh greens were also used to get the system cleansed and moving again for the new cycle.


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