Photo credit, Luisa Porter, Catfish Alley Magazine

Photo credit, Luisa Porter, Catfish Alley Magazine

Welcome to Lindsay Kolasa’s site ~
Community Herbalist, Wellness Guide, Teacher, Speaker

With 10 years experience in social work and non-profit management, I steadily began to shift from my work-life into my current life-work in 2009.  My craft is to take an active role in facilitating the creative human path of integration and meaning-making.

The process of remembering my own wholeness has been a long journey for me.  What started with an acute, terrifying health crisis back in 2001, eventually turned into one of my life’s biggest gifts.

As the 13th Century mystical poet, Rumi, put it, “the wound is where the Light enters you.”

I have found many treasures along the way of my healing journey…  And, those treasures are now what I offer my community.  They are also what I am constantly sharing and learning about.  Herbs.  Traditional food ways.  Foraging skills.  Yoga.  Meditation.  Dream-work.  Art.  Expression.

As well, I am an active participant in the REWILDing movement.  To me, rewilding doesn’t have anything to do with going backwards.  It is simply a movement that leans on common sense, the slow & natural, and the soulful.  Many of these things have been lost or kicked to the curb due to the seduction of progress…drowning out the elegance of evolutionary appropriateness.

To me, rewilding is a way to reconnect with our soul contract.  It is in this context in which a soul-based repair process can happen.  Indeed, I find that it happens in the everyday details of our lives.

I created this website to offer poetry, writings, herbal musings, and whole foods recipes, as well as to share my wellness services with the intention to support those on their journey into being.

To be healthy is to be whole and to be holy.
It is to acknowledge the great goodness that our bodies are linked to the bodies of other people, to the bodies of plants and animals, indeed to the earth, the sun and moon, and the other heavenly bodies. It is to receive the awareness, at once humbling and exhilarating, that we are a part of Creation, one with all that we live from and all that, in turn, lives from us.”

~ Wendell Berry